Congratulations on graduating, do you plan on going to college?

Mod: Idk if this is directed towards me or pip, but thank you either way! <3  And no, I don’t plan to go to college, pip does though C: 

are you my daddy?

I’m a 16 years old colt, so I’m sure that I’m not your daddy, sorry sweetie :c 

would you ever accept a gift from me in the form ;)

o-ohmai  uvu 

Anyhoo, on to the important question. How did you meet Gus and Avicii?
Would you ever accept a gift from somepony,in the form of writing?

YES! ouo

Where did you go?

Mod: I’m sorry, I was gone because I didnt really have the time to draw for this blog,since I’m graduating net week and we still had things to plan etc!